"Amazing! The best experience I've had for a pediatric dentist in a long time! They could schedule all four of my children simultaneously, and they were professional and polite. Quick and thorough. I'm so glad we finally found our perfect dentist! Dr. Brent was kind and gentle and had incredible patience with my one-year-old! Highly recommend this office!" - Amanda N

"Everyone was lovely and accommodating to Lina, who was a little nervous. Highly recommended!" - Jess C. 

"Such a great experience! Albert was so relaxed and calm with the staff, and Dr was amazing! great team ! ❤ " - Tania M.

"Awesome kid's dentist! My granddaughter loves going there! They are great with kids" - Kathy T.

"We've had great experiences every time I bring my kids in for their appointments! The entire staff is friendly and caring, and they go above and beyond to make kids feel comfortable. My kids enjoyed the stuffed animals during their last appointment." - Kirsten B. 

"The best pediatric Dr and staff there is ❤ Ms. Pam is excellent, and Dr. Brent is such a nice guy. Highly recommended" - Chris H. 

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